my job is : dull

I live in the bad part of town, but I work full time in a tech-y part of town, at an office that does digitizing document conversion and content management.  I find my job dull because the office facility denies all internet and wi-fi (and phones) for security purposes, because it was easier than implementing actual digital data security measures. That’s right, in a world dominated by cellular social media interaction, I have the only tech job in the city where if I get caught on my phone [3strikes, and] I’m outta there.
It’s also a small family owned business, with only about 50 people working there.  Since I don’t fit-in with the upper managements old-men-in-suits corporate culture, I feel like I’ve gone as far as I can go,  and hit the low glass ceiling. My office looks like a slightly more boring version of the TV show The Office. No fun characters, just paperwork, and cubicles.  I’ve been working there for almost 6 years, and while the job security is nice, I may go insane if I stay another year. Change is the only option.


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