Public Relations with Social Media

In another book I’m reading, the Luttrell book; ‘Social Media: How to Engage, Share, and Connect’, the 3rd chapter focuses on corporate public relations and how social media works with marketing. The book points out that many companies don’t develop authentic relationships with their customers with social media, because they are only focused on selling (pg.52). Integrated marketing strategies are important because it creates a consistent message  and one strategic plan.
The book goes on for a bit about social media marketing and content marketing, and how the goal is Not to sell, but to connect with people in different ways and places (interactive). Several success stories of  social media marketing are described, where companies create situations where the audience is invited to do things completely unrelated to the product (pg.57-58).  I enjoyed this chapter, because the idea of marketing has always appealed to me. I see the modern social strategies that companies use in their marketing every day, so it has become obvious to me as the most effective way to do it. The name of the chapter was “it’s complicated”, but it’s never seemed that way to me.
The book mentioned Red Bulls social marketing, because they post about extreme sporting events that they endorse, and never mention their product. It’s true that I would be more inclined to follow them on social media if they produced interesting content, instead of blasting me with advertisements.


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