Very busy, doing well

I’m reading a book right now, ‘Hamlet’s Blackberry: Building a good life in the digital age’, and the first chapter started with an example of a foreigner misusing a pleasantly, by saying “busy, very busy” instead of “doing well”, which incidentally happened exactly the same way to me this very morning, solidifying the point that the author was trying to make about how busy we all are that we can’t even greet each other properly.

The first few sentences of the intro, conveyed a melancholy picture of life in the 21st century, “This book is about a yearning and a need. It’s about finding a quiet, spacious place where the mind can wander free… Our room is the digital space, and we tap each other through our connected screens.” These first few sentences suggest that I am not already free, and need digital space in order to feel connected [since the important things have moved into the digital space]. Which I figured was a mistake, since the overview of this book clearly stated that the book was meant to encourages people to disconnect from media in order to find balance in their lives.

Reading this chapter makes me feel like an outsider to the social media experience. I’ve mentioned before that I work in a secure data facility with no phones/internet allowed, so even thought I have the latest technology [metaphorically] at my fingertips, I don’t get a single real-time notification all day.   The author states that through personal media we constantly get bombarded with pop culture, news, headlines, politics, scandals, social announcements, ect. But I can honestly say, that the only time I see any of it, is when I make the effort to go looking for it. The 1st chapter indicates that some people don’t have access to the latest tech, and cites it as a possible reason that they aren’t hyper connected like the rest of us. I can’t say if those people are better off for it. If I didn’t have a smart phone, I might just pretend it was 2007 and behave accordingly.


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