Flash cards for trick questions

‘How can you possibly study  when you know that the test questions are tricks?’
Easy, just tell yourself that you read the chapters, and there’s no reason for you to do poorly… and then get mad at yourself when you do poorly, and buy yourself sushi to cheer yourself up.
Things you know for sure about Social Media Communication: Factoid mind-vomit, GO:
Social media and social networks are NOT synonymous.
As screen-time rises, human to human contact declines. Many users of social networks(like FB) are NOT looking to meet new people.
Companies become part of their consumers community by contributing to the conversation. ONE person doesn’t manage a corporate blog, and the corporate blog needs to increase reader trustworthiness.  Companies should be selective when deciding on social media platforms.
The digital crowd not only has power,  it also has wisdom. Bill Gates said we’re Perpetually Connected and Content is King. Our free time is no longer free. Foucault’s idea was of ‘technologies of the self’.
Online social networks are Totally influenced by demographic factors, even though  Identity is shaped by choice, and the self appears through social behavior.
Men and women differ  A LOT when it comes to online social networking accounts.
Even though the first form of social media was the postal service, the roots of social media began way back in BCE.
Public relations should be a part of every department within a business. Approx 70% of a company’s core public relations or communication budget goes to social media monitoring. Corporations using social media overlook how smart their consumers really are, and Company social networking sites are established to engage in meaningful conversations with consumers.
Online social networks and real life social networks are significantly different is size, and CMC is less valuable for building and sustaining close social relationships.
Listserv have a low level of communication activity, and a high turn over rate, and they Are Not like traditional small groups.
The Socratic Method is the Question and Answer technique.
Howard Rheingold coined the term “Social Media”.
Media Gratifications can be either Process or Content. and users can NOT differentiate between representation and reality. People use FB for interpersonal communication satisfaction.
It is Ethical for companies to offer coupons in return for ‘likes’.
Digital connectedness begins at home, Not with social circle.
Apparently Arguing with Facebook fans is always wrong and never appropriate, and Computers in the workplace DO NOT keep everyone focused inward.
Marketing departments, not public relations departments, tend to retain control of email marketing and SEO optimization.
Digital devices are used to nurture relationships:




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