Being All that Is Human

Chapter 4 of the Powers book, ‘Hamlet’s Blackberry: Building a good life in the digital age’, starts with a concept that being perpetually connected via screens is actually a terrible idea. Everyone already knows this. Just like how the alcoholic beverage industry stands against alcoholism, it simultaneously spends billions encouraging us to drink; Technology promotes a lifestyle of never-ending connectedness at an unhealthy extreme (pg.68).
This chapter is delightful, it was about ‘connections that aren’t’.
It mentions the unpopular method of old-fashion time management (diet style) to only check email certain times of the day, to promote in-person interactions. But just like all diets, people cheat  (pg. 71). Another method of managing our technology, involves inventing more technology to filter it down for us. Humorously magnifying the problem.  The author points out that  people aren’t going to change their habits just because of company policy, but they might if there’s something valuable to be gained (pg.76). And the chapter ends with some ideas about how to get back to ‘being all that is human’.


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