Connecting across multiple media platforms

The 5th chapter of the Luttrell book; ‘Social Media: How to Engage, Share, and Connect’, is about how corporations use self-publishing tools to connect with consumers, across multiple media platforms with organized content.  The start of the chapter pitches the idea that “information is the key to holding any customers attention” (pg.83), and touches on several publishing methods that corporations can use to interact with consumers.
Blogs are the most frequently used self-publishing tool, but corporate blogs are poorly strategized, so they’re only trusted by 16% of consumers (pg.85). Successful blogs make everything about the consumer, and nothing about with marketing. Dell, Southwest, Starbucks, and GE, all have effective corporate blogs that follow a 80/20 rule (80% fun engagements and 20% product marketing).
I mentioned about the last chapter, that I don’t much care for the presentation of this whole public relations section. It seems to be comprised of nothing but lists.
The chapter continues with a 10 step breakdown for dummies, of how to properly manage a corporate blog. Get a team, with a purpose, have an audience,  and a personality, have meaning, on a schedule, with guidelines, curated, and promoted. The chapter then swiftly transitions into: Podcasting. Which is an audio recording, like talk radio, that consumers can download and listen to. Then there’s a list of some podcasts relevant to content in the chapter; PR podcasts, marketing podcasts, social media podcasts, ect.
Live internet radio shows, is another method for people to directly talk to businesses. The book recommends it as a nice “accompaniment to any social strategy” (94).  The chapter then touches on wikis, which aren’t fully explained, and I hypothesize are participant driven events, sponsored by companies, that are published into webisodes or something.
All and all, the point of the chapter was to socially integrate public relations, so customers can have a more personal experience with a brand.


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