The Big 5 Social Networks

The 6th chapter of the Luttrell book; ‘Social Media: How to Engage, Share, and Connect’, is about the Big5 social networks: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn , and Pinterest. I’ve previously complained that this book has too many lists, and this chapter is no exception. The second page of the chapter (pg.102) has a 5 point ‘plan’ for starting and maintaining a social network presence.
Followed by a few pages about ‘how to operate a business with Facebook’, using the features, measuring stats, ect. Then, several pages are about the distinct features of Google+.   And on .. and on..  branding with Twitter, showcase on LinkedIn, campaign with Pinterest.
Basically, how to Share, Optimize, Manage, and Engage with the customer base, across several social networks. I’m noticing some major trends with how  businesses are supposed to present themselves online, and are expected to be consistent across all platforms. The platforms are all a little different, so for exposure purposes, it would be beneficial to be on all of them, and have a strategy plan.
Some of the sites have administrator panels that show page activity  analytics. But the chapter fails to mention that there are A LOT of softwares created specifically for managing social media platforms (like Hootsuite, Sprout social, Buffer, and  Tweetdeck). See for more.[Top-10-social-media-management-tools] These software’s provide a contained space for managing social media accounts, rather than managing them all separately, so you can get all your posts and analytics from one site, and create reports based on metrics.
ALSO. I’m pretty sure no one uses Google+.


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