Video Marketing

The 8th chapter of the Luttrell book; ‘Social Media: How to Engage, Share, and Connect’, is about Video, and how it’s used by companies to advertise online. Increase customer outreach, ect. According to the book, “people are drawn to video for 4 simple reasons: we see the face as a point for gathering information and believability; the voice allows us to convert information into meaningful content; body language resonates; and movement grabs and holds our attention (pg.141). The book talks about a variety of advertising video types: product demos, educational, viral. And how the videos shouldn’t ‘sell’ anything, but instead aim to be smart, useful, interesting, captivating, and entertaining (pg.143). Majority of videos that I personally watch online are first person shot; simplistic, low budget, hardly any editing. Their appeal is in their speed, how much info I can get in the 60 seconds that I’m willing to watch something.
The chapter also points out that each social media video-sharing site has its own set of rules and uses, and it helps to know the audience and platform. There’s also yet another list, numbering the steps of things to consider when making a video. The storyboard, style/tone, script, camera angles, images/sound/lighting, editing, and how to share it so that it’s in line with the company’s goals. Film is more about showing events unfold, rather than explaining them with words.
YouTube for longer videos, Vine for invitation teasers, and Instagram for promotional series (pg.151). The chapter ends with things to consider: the target audience, objectives/goals, strategies for delivery, tactics for interest, and evaluation of results (pg.154). The chapter ends with a few words about the Skittles unique commercial, how easily it’s been shared, and how popular it’s become. It was all pretty straight forward.


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