Interpreting the text

I read an article called: After cracking Apple’s iPhone, FBI will help US agencies unlock encrypted devices in regards to the FBI IPHONE CRACK:   published in PC WORLD:  written by John Ribeiro. IDG News Service. Apr 4, 2016. (Links to an external site.)

The title itself is a little misleading, considering that they should have been helping law enforcement all along. It might have been interpreted as they’ve Finally Agreed to start helping. Apparently the FBI has successfully unlocked the iPhone without Apple’s help, and dropped the legal case against Apple.
A chunk of the article quoted a letter by ‘the FBI to local investigators’, I am not sure who they intended the local investigators audience to be. The meaning of which seems to be that the FBI will help local law enforcement crack other encrypted devices, but didn’t specify the method which they plan on doing it. This could be interpreted as ‘the government has located a MASSIVE security flaw and won’t tell the public, because they plan to exploit it’.
Broadcasting this news on mass media, and digital modalities, is almost taunting. The unknown external organization that has furnished the cracking method to access the data on the phone remains unknown. So much of the situation is shrouded in mystery.
It could be interpreted as a narrative movie plot. A nameless anonymous person supplies a mysterious method to the rulers of the land, and with it, the rulers are able to gain more power over the lowly subjects. For all we know, it could be magic, or the force, and evil witch, or maybe it’s another world power. We, the people, are kept in the dark.
American culture tries to portion out the power, in order to avoid monopoly situations. OR at least we try to do so, We try to do it with the government, and business industries. Always trying to avoid giving 1 person/company too much power.
The article goes on with more quotes from the letter, regarding the challenges many law enforcements face with  digital tech encryptions ‘Going Dark’. Meaning that even if it’s completely legal for the government officials to have it, the investigators still have trouble accessing info on encrypted devices. The technology is just too secure for them to access it. Well, up until Now anyways.
The meaning of this article was meant to convey that the FBI is now able to access the info on at least this 1 encrypted device, and plan to do the same to others.  This raises concern, and creates a binary interpretation situation. Do we want the FBI to be able to access encrypted info, or don’t we? Is it good or bad?
The end of the article gets opposing viewpoints from advocacy groups, saying that by Not telling Apple about the flaw in the security system that has lead to the crack, then the FBI is putting the public safety at risk. If the FBI can hack the phone, then so can hackers, and we’re all at risk. This matters because the data security of the whole free world is now hackable by the FBI. The ideology of what we believe vs. reality of the situation is that our data information isn’t perfectly secure. And the FBI knows that now.


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