DeCews cluster concept of privacy

In regards to the article: Blogging: self presentation and privacy, (by Karen McCullagh, Information & Communications Technology Law, Vol.17, No.1, March 2008, 3-23). It was about how blogs address numerous topics about social life, and how the bloggers disregard the privacy risks  and ‘work on their self-identify via a degree of self-expression and social interaction’. In short, this article is about privacy issues with blogs.
The first section points out that blogs are compilations, so on a long enough time-line the blogger would reveal a lot of personal information. DeCew’s cluster concept of privacy (informational, accessibility, & expressive) claims that,  privacy is ‘our ability to control information about ourselves, our ability to govern access to ourselves, and our ability to make self-expressive autonomous decisions free from intrusion or control by others’.
The findings of the survey found that ~70% of the blogs were personal journals, with the main reasons of socializing and documenting their personal experiences. The article delved into detail about what the bloggers consider to be inappropriate to blog about, and the different ways they handle anonymity/privacy.
I think it’s good to have a healthy perimeter of what is inappropriate to share online, and I know that the invention of blogging has pushed those boundaries. The internet never forgets, so the most we can do to protect ourselves is to have better privacy settings, and to not disclose too much personal detail online.


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