Space Pants

This video is an SNL skit. (Links to an external site.)
SNL is an American late-night live television sketch comedy and variety show. In the skit, some mobsters are interrupted by Peter Dinklage and Gwen Stefani, singing a silly song about Space Pants.
This video might be seen differently by different audiences.  Peter Dinklage is most famous for his acting role as Tyrion Lannister on Game of Thrones. He is also a dwarf. These things might be appealing to some people, and off-putting to others. I think that depending on an individual persons background they might find this video funny-or-not. I once dated a guy who was uncomfortable with dwarfism and other physical abnormalities.
The social positions of gender, age, or ethnicity could also factor in, maybe an emotional association that a viewer has for the celebrities. Peter Dinklage has been in a number of popular  movies like, Elf, Death at a Funeral, X-men, ect. And in addition to being a singer Gwen Stefani also has a fashion line. So there are subculture audiences who would enjoy seeing these celebrities for different reasons. Seeing Peter Dinklage might cause people to think of other movies where dwarf actors were featured. Maybe bringing up thoughts of the movie Willow (starring Warwick Davis), or Willy Wonkas Oompa Loompas, or the munchkins of Oz.
Chapter 9 in the Making Media book is about ‘consuming the media’, and how reality is measured against television. Meaning that the way things are marketed influences product usage in real life. The chapter talks about all the places and situations that people consume media; at home, in private, in public, with company, ect. and how it follows the patterns of economic and cultural capital. People enjoy media for a variety of reasons; information, personal identity, social interaction, and entertainment. The chapter also mentions how media also affects mood, pleasure, and the emotions of the consumers.
Younger people might find this video more likable because of their fondness for the actor, or that they’re a fan of the singer Gwen Stefani. Older people might not know who either person is.  Knowing who these 2 celebrities are deepens the entertainment value of the skit. If someone who was unaware of the celebrities other endeavors watched this skit, then their responses would be hinged on other experiences/emotions they pull to mind.  Maybe they’re solely entertained by the singing itself, maybe they like how attractive Gwen is, or how silly Peter looks. Maybe it’s all too random for them to accept, and they hate the skit. I was shown this clip by my brother who was aware of both celebrities, and also watches the show Game of Thrones. Although, neither one of us listens to Gwen Stefani’s music, we both know who she is. So we were both similarly entertained by Peter Dinklage’s musical performance.


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