Online Business Media Centers

The 11th chapter of the Luttrell book; ‘Social Media: How to Engage, Share, and Connect’, is about online media centers, and how they are the highest ranked webpages on a company website. These media center pages are called the ‘Press Center’ or ‘Newsroom’,  and it’s an important part of  a successful media relations strategy.
This type of page tells the company’s story. It’s not about how flashy the page is, it’s about the content. It’s the page that news journalists visit for key information about the company [press releases, exec bios, company logos, products, FAQs]. The chapter talks about how these pages should be easy to find and share, with unique URLs, and then goes into detail about how this page should be formatted.
After this, the chapter has several pages about how to properly format a Press Release, and then ends with a brief paragraph about social media having 3x the coverage as traditional news releases (so remember to make it shareable).


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