measuring and interpreting campaign-related metrics

The 12th chapter of the Luttrell book; ‘Social Media: How to Engage, Share, and Connect’, is about Measuring Social Media’s Impact and Value. “Traditionally, up to 5% of a typical public relations budget is allocated toward measuring and interpreting campaign-related metrics”(201).
There are some math equations  in the chapter for calculating social media expenditures. E = hard costs+ cost / time spend+ sunk cost.
The chapter goes on to mention some Measurement Standards (AMEC), and then dives into a list of things that a company should keep track of. Content and Sourcing,  Reach and Impressions, Engagement and Conversation, Opinion and Advocacy, Influence, Impact and Value.
The chapter mentions the RACE four-step PR model, and the similar ROPE model. As well as, the Schramm one-way linear model (source, encoder, signal, decoder, and destination).
The chapter ends with a few charts that show media metrics and framework. Program, Channel, Business; Paid, Owned, Earned. And how each responds to : Exposure, Engagement, Influence, Impact, Advocacy.
This was far from my favorite chapter, and it didn’t mention at all that there are already analytical programs to make it easier to keeping track of all these things.


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