too distracted by their digital-lives to thrive in their real-lives

Recently,  I had to read some college term papers about Social Medias Impact on various topics,  and One paper that really caught my eye was about Adolescents. It wasn’t just that the paper was was properly formatted (which is a bigger issue than previously anticipated), it’s that I’ve personally seen problems with new tech and young people.
I am of-the-opinion that young people are too distracted by their digital-lives to thrive in their real-lives.
Having constant access to an entertaining toy means that kids will never be forced to focus on things they don’t like. If they don’t like schoolbooks, then they won’t have to read it, they can simply pull out their phone and make a mental escape. For adults, this might be slightly different. But I think that the Younger the children are When they receive their First phone is directly correlated with how much they don’t pay attention in school. Which goes on to shape how little they pay attention for the rest of their lives.
Smartphones and Facebook weren’t invented until I was already IN college. But if I had a smart phone in middle or high school, I know for a fact I wouldn’t have paid attention a single day.
A while back, I overheard a work friend talk about their kids elementary school PTA meeting, where instead of talking about taking away their kids phones, the parents were arguing about banning a distracting child friendly App. I’m pretty sure  those parents are Failing to see the problem.  Kids today don’t have healthy boundaries for technology, and they may never learn to have them, as long as parents are equally phone-addicted.


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