Screen-Addictions; A Distraction from Life

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who seemed like the most uninteresting person in the world? They don’t seem to have any hobbies, they’re unwilling to try new things, they’re not very fun, and they don’t seem to Do much.

The overall theme of this blog is how screen-addictions are ruining us. All of us. The population at-large is reclusive, with everyone focused on their person screens. Their personal inward experience is detaching them from the world around them. It’s A Distraction from Life, not an improvement.
When was the last time you had a real impromptu eye-contact no-distractions conversation with a stranger?

New technology distracts people from living their real life.
A portable screen Fills their time with entertainment, but doesn’t improve their personal life, it distracts them from it. The digital playground is too much fun for people to want to leave. The constant updates keep it fresh and interesting, and people want to be there all the time to see what else is happening.  No one wants to leave it. Ever. They eat and sleep with their screens close-by.
Years pass with this mentality, and now they’ve grown addicted.
They are Unable to Reflect on their own lives without digital affirmation. Post. Like. Share.

Get Prepared and Find Balance. I recently read a book that gave me some ideas about how to come back to real life. Most of them are talked about in previous posts over the last few months. They’re all summarized in my ‘living less and giving less’ post.


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