Life Before the Internet

Occasionally I see newspapers from 50+ years ago, and I imagine how differently people must’ve communicated back then.
A Life Before the invention of home computers.  No internet, no mobile phones. No microwaves, no CDs.
3 dozen eggs for $1. A 3 bedroom house for $12,500.
The advertisements always stick with me. Cars, home appliances, fashion. Things that emphasis the current times. We would call these things ‘Retro’ or ‘Vintage’, and enjoy the novelty fashion of it. Forgetting how Life really was before the Internet.
I wonder how people back then spent their time, and what occupational skills they had.       What did they learn in school? And how much of it is still relevant today.
In hindsight, the world looked so much smaller. This was before the Space-Race. Before Equal-Rights. Before the Vietnam War.      Sure there was TV and radio, but people back then didn’t have much reason to look farther than their own community. Everything was local [because of the limited global communication capabilities].
Communication had to be done face-to-face, and in doing so, it built strong bonds within the community. People were close with their neighbors, and weren’t as strongly influenced by new outlandish ideas. Does this mean that people more confidently identified with their position in life? Did they Know themselves better than we do today?

1959 news

advertisements from a 1959 newspaper


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