a friend, a schoolmate, a neighbor. A Murderer

I know a guy who’s awaiting trial for murdering his parents. I didn’t know him well, but I’ve seen him around. He was attending the local University, so I probably saw him around. Judging by his age, he should have been close to graduating. We were in the same hobby-community. I saw him at events. We’ve hung out a few times. We lived in the same city.
He was a friend, a schoolmate, a neighbor.
I saw him the same day that he ‘murdered’ his parents.  He, apparently, went to an event right afterwards. He was out with friends on a bright April day, being a normal young person. He was making summer plans. We said ‘hey’ to each other.
I honestly didn’t know what to think when I heard the news. I was shocked, and scared, and thirsty for details.
Now that he’s been all over the news, I know more about him. He is the eldest son of traditional immigrants. His parents were educated community figures.
I would have talked about this particular incident earlier, But court proceedings are actually quite slow, and other things grew to be distracting while we waited for updates.
The hearing has been postponed 3 weeks [mid-June]. In the meanwhile, there have been some bothersome legal strategies. & I have some suspicions about His Brother being the actual mastermind. I wish I was a fly-on-the-wall for these proceedings, as I have never before known a killer.

While I realize that jail is a lousy way to spend years your life. It was a culmination of things happening this week that led me to the conclusion that: jail is a valid retirement plan.           Aside from the social stigma of being a criminal; Jail sounds relaxing. Free rent, no stressful career, no societal pressures to amass wealth. Plenty of time to Work-out, Guaranteed socks, Reliable meals. These are All things my ‘real-life’ as a struggling mid-late-20s office worker lacks. [Although poverty levels among under-35yr-old people might be an entirely different topic for some other time].


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