Media Distractions in Politics

New technology doesn’t just distract us from ourselves. It distracts us from real life events.
In the past, I’ve mentioned that digital technology changes how we think about ourselves. A pocket sized screen that gives a constant connection to anything in the world [which also means that anything in the world can connect with you, at any time]. This device in your pocket which alters how you behave, is also being utilized by media outlets to manipulate what you see, and in turn, what you care about.

A few truly horrible things have happened this year, but because it’s an election year, very few of those things are being perpetuated by the Big media outlets. Instead, the media is focusing on social issues that get people arguing with each other for the purpose of having something debatable that politicians can talk about.

Pitting the poor against the poor is a centuries-old political tactic. It divides people along social lines, and puts blame onto the weaker of the groups. ‘Leaders’ rise to power with intent to represent the interests of the larger group. Of course, once a leader has risen high enough in the ranks, they stop caring about the people they’re supposed to be helping. They ‘turn a profit’ and become debased, turning their backs on their own people.
This is the cycle.  It’s happened thousands of times. It’s happening again, right now, with our own government.

The political officials like to keep the blame off themselves, so that when the masses grow angry, they can easily shift the hostility to other possible origins. Meaning that if you read the mainstream news, you won’t see anything that directly holds politicians responsible for tragedies.

An example: a few months ago The Flint Water Crisis was all over the news. Thousands of American people had been poisoned at the hands of their corrupt local officials. The investigation lead directly to a piece of legislation from the Governors office, that changed the water source of the city to the heavily polluted river. But the headlines to follow were Not about plans to fix the situation or about the criminal repercussions for the politicians involved; the headlines were about how people were still being forced to pay their water bills [because can you can’t legally Live in a house without running water]. Shifting All the Blame to a faceless legal regulation, which ironically, was intended to prevent people living in inhabitable conditions.

More food for thought.
Recently, a Shell crude oil facility leaked almost 90,000 gallons of oil into The Gulf off the coast of Louisiana. But that’s hardly in the news at all, because everyone is arguing about transgendered bathroom laws.

I really wish everyone was united in our efforts to Not go extinct. We Don’t Need to argue about marriage, religion, or bathroom laws; To Continue Living, we Need clean water, clean air, and healthy food.

Ps. Nothing bad happened to Gov. Rick Snyder. He wasn’t arrested for his crimes. He’s still in office.


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