compounding discrimination and gender inequality

It’s common knowledge that half the population is female.  It’s also common knowledge that women don’t make as much money as men. In the USA, a white woman makes 78 cents for every dollar a man makes. But ethnic women makes as low as 54 cents for every male dollar.
In the 1950s, women had stereo-typically female professions, but were also expected to be: domestic, raise children, and care for their bread-winning husbands. It is difficult to believe that in 60+ years we’ve made so little progress.  In 2016, Women are still burdened with the expectation of caring for family,    but as it becomes more normal for a woman to financially support herself, women everywhere face mountains of discrimination every step of the way.
Women are not guaranteed paid maternity leave, or child care.  Clinics that provide women’s reproductive health services are frequently de-funded and under fire.  There’s also the conspiracy of the woman-tax (pink-tax), where women’s items are priced higher than equivalent items marketed toward men. [A 1995 California study revealed women pay $1,351 a year more for the same products as men].  Women everywhere are given Less, and expected to do More than men.

Women are frequently overlooked for job advancements and high paying positions. Women are cornered-out of working in certain fields, and denied job opportunities in typical-male environments [and the women who do make it IN face discrimination and harassment at work]. Architects, Tech jobs, Construction jobs, are all male dominated. There’s been a lot of chatter about women in Hollywood making significantly less than men in the same field.  Actresses, filmmakers, TV reporters. The lower pay ‘devalues’ their hard work, and makes them more ‘replaceable’ to their employers. The Equal Pay law of 1963, appears to have been forgotten.
With a lower income, a woman might never be able to afford the same life luxuries as a man.
Even women who Decide to go the conventional route of marriage-and-family face discrimination at work. A pregnant woman Going on Maternity Leave could have their hours cut or be forced out of her job entirely. Putting the livelihood of the family at risk. A Family Household has an Increased cost of medical care, plus food and clothing for the children, and educational costs, and the cost of the larger house itself. The socio-economic costs of children in the modern age could plummet a family into poverty. Especially, if the household depends on having 2 incomes.

There are a number of cultural phenomenon regarding the social treatment of women. Rape Culture, Over-Sexualization, Glamor/Fashion Industry.  Things that put more pressure and social expectations onto women. Society Slut-Shames women who dress ‘provocatively’, and fails to protect or seek justice for women when they are assaulted by men.
A court in Oklahoma 2014 ruled that “state law doesn’t criminalize oral sex with a victim who is completely unconscious.”  Many States find ways to deny women’s health services altogether, with either alarming ignorance or blatant disregard for women’s health. Even Young Girls in school are being punished for wearing tight clothing ‘which is distracting to the boys’, setting the precedent that a boys are inherently more important than girls. The war on women is real, and happening everyday.
This week,  a Stanford Athlete was convicted of a felony for raping an intoxicated female student, and received a laughable 6month jail sentence [with the possibility for parole]. 2016.


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