Media aggregators, instead of conversationalists

Young people that have had access to smart phones since its invention in 2007 are now adults.  If you were born in 1995, you would be 21-yrsold right now. Meaning you were 12 when internet-able smart phones started becoming popular, and you most likely received one in high school. Maybe it was a distraction to your education, maybe it helped with that teen-angst, maybe it was a way for your parents to spy on you. That small pocket device that could access all human knowledge and connect with anyone on the planet, is now raising children.
–  I was walking on the street and spotted a toddler in a stroller who was gaming on a smart phone.
It’s no secret that technology has changed the world. But people seem to resist the idea that it’s changing themselves at a basic level. There have been a few news articles this week, about how the new adults of Generation Z aren’t equipped to do basic things that were normal 6 years prior.
I can’t say I’m surprised, being able to google something basically eliminates the need for formal education. “I’m not sure, let me google it”, is suddenly the most adult thing you could say. It’s just a shame that such a helpful tool is being used as a distraction for the masses.
– I see middle school children on social media 24-hours a day, and young adults who never learned how to punctuate.
I’m sure that the basic skill set that adolescents acquire while growing-up have changed dramatically since the smart phone. There are no longer any paper notes being passed in class, no printed photos, no scrapbooks, no CDs, no face to face real-life interactions. Everything is done online, and most likely on our always-handy mobile device. Entertainment, communication, socialization.  Nothing tangible, only viewable through that little pocket device.
In 5 years, we will see what occupations the youth gravitates towards. We will see if they naturally have learned some valuable job skills, or if  they  were all too distracted to learn anything useful, and subsequently become a generation of low skill workers.
Technology might pick up the slack, and create new gadgets to help us with our shortcomings. Cars will soon be self-driving.  Difficult jobs will be downsized and streamlined, computerized and outsourced.
– We will be Media aggregators, instead of conversationalists, and have ‘everything’ Mass produced for our easy consumption.  So that we all conform to the Factory standard ‘life-style’. –  The movie Idiocracy comes to mind.


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