highest homicide rates in 25 years, highest college costs in history

There was a shooting at the University recently.  I received a barrage of automated email alerts from the campus police.
I’d like to be shocked or surprised. But this happens way more frequently than it should. Someone dies every semester at campus.
Excluding all other forms of violent crimes, these are the highest homicide rates in 25 years. Excluding possible suicides, robberies, battery, harassment, rape, and assault.  There have been 24 killings recorded in 6months within city limits.   People are being murdered. About 1 per week. Check out your local CrimeReport map.
It doesn’t seem to be impacting University enrollment, but I think we should all feel bad for exposing our intellectual young people to the gutters.
We spend so much time and effort trying to protect teenagers from cruel realities,  until they become adults, and then it seems like a weeding process to see how many of them make it unscathed to middle aged. The murder of a child is heartbreaking, yet the murder of an adult seems predictable and inevitable [because they should have been aware of the dangers in their situations].

College is hard, it’s expensive, it’s dangerous, and for the most part, it’s useless.
I read an article recently, about the mathematical system in managing college debt. It summarized that, because of interest rates, the longer it takes you to pay off your student loans, the more you end up paying. The Loan must be paid off promptly, otherwise it fails to have a good return on investment, and you would’ve had more money in the long run  if you hadn’t gone to college. Therefore, you should never take a loan if you are unable to pay it off within 4 years of graduating.
The pay salary you are able to get straight out of college will shape the rest of your financial life. For this reason, unless you are Majoring in something that has a decent starting wage, you should not take a large student loan.

This information is too-little too-late, as a generation of people have already ruined their financial lives.
A generation of people are  doomed to financially struggle under the burden of this debt, because they were falsely lead to believe that all they ‘needed’ to succeed in life was a college degree. In the years it takes them to pay down their college debts, they won’t have the financial savings to start families, or buy houses.
A useless education that plunges people into poverty.

Yet Everyone insists that It’s Still Better to have an education, than to Not, and I’m not arguing. I like education.  I think that a lackluster high school education is one of the core problems with this country, and I’d like nothing more than to restructure the system to give children useful life skills [instead of useless standardized testing]. People in my age group lack basic life skills, and we’re finally old enough for it to become a problem for society.
Not Everyone needs to go to college, but Everyone needs to know how to cook, do basic financial planning, and raise children.

An education shouldn’t be such a risk. It shouldn’t take such a toll. Hopefully it’ll get fixed in time for the next generation.


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