Marketing Asian culture to Americans

I’ve been on a few weird dates, where my date would tell me that: “I’m really into Asian culture” as an ice-breaker,  but knew nothing about real Asian culture, and I realized that everything white Americans know about Asian culture isn’t really accurate. How can this be?
So a thought came to me,  I think that just about every piece of Asian culture that has made its way into American pop culture in the last 25 years is a carefully chosen propaganda piece designed to make Americans enjoy Asian stuff.  The long con.
My theory is that: post-WW2 the Asians saw how poorly Americans treated people of color, and decided to stack the deck with media/merchandise propaganda designed to make Americans think that Asian culture  is appealing and non-threatening.
The Americans liked all the media/merchandise that Asian countries were generating and have subsequently decided not to be horribly racist toward Asians. A favorable minority? Americans have grown to love Asian goods:  Asian cartoons, Asian snack foods, Asian art, Asian videogames, Ect.
But this means that everything Americans think they know about Asian culture is largely incorrect, because it was all molded for mass appeal. It’s all marketing. Asians have marketed key pieces from their cultures to  Americans for just long enough to slip under the ‘racist radar’ and be accepted.

The +Asian girl interracial couple is the most widely accepted interracial pairing. Asian women are seen as feminine, cute, and submissive. But they’re not really. It’s all clever marketing. It’s changing cultural perceptions with ingenious advertising. It’s the long con.
The Asians have slowly fooled racist Americans into accepting a semblance of their cultures. Example: Would your parents be totally accepting if you eloped with an a Asian lover? How about an Black one? Mexican? Middle Eastern?    – The point I was trying to convey is that the American stereotype of ‘Asian’ is very inaccurate, but it’s favorable when compared with how Americans view other ethnic minorities.


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