Realism and Video Games

I’m looking at an image, it’s a screen grab from a Halo video game. There are 2 figures in the typical game armor, in and around a vehicle. Both of the characters have guns, and the vehicle they’re on has a mounted gun. It is realistic in the sense that it depicts something as it would be seen by the eye; with realistic colors and positions.  It is a representation of how something in real life would look.
In this case, the image of the video game is an accurate representation of how a gamer sees the game world. Realism is about having art be an accurate representation of the world at any given time, but the ideas of what is accurate changes, depending on the art in the social/historical/cultural context. In this cultural Game context, it’s very real. “There is no universal standard for Realism”, it varies.  This image is created in the game setting, using computer graphic representations of people, in the context that you’re a character on an alien world, interacting and playing a game with other characters. A viewer would read this image  as real, even though they know it wasn’t, like a computer generated effect in a live action movie.
Realist art re-produces reality; But in different settings/techniques/ideas about culture/historical/geographical/national contexts. Aesthetics and Styles change over time, which leads to different ways of thinking, and historical codes. Realism usually refers to a set of conventions (a style of art) that is understood at a historical time to accurately represent real life, or convey accurately the meaning of something in the world.
Perspective means to see clearly, or look through. It’s a Set of Systems to produce representations of objects in space as if seen by an observer.   The video games realistic perspective simulates a real environment, similar to the real world as we would see it. It would appear to be believable to the player because of the linear perspective. Linear perspective is a cornerstone of pictorial realism, it’s where distant objects Converge on the horizon, where the floor recedes into space, at a vanishing point in the distance. A player would see this perspective and be able to interact with game features, and experience this technology-simulation as if it were real.
Before photos, paintings followed rules of perspective to give create realistic-looking art. These realistic paintings put the viewer in a world where they look at a painting as if it were a window.  With digital media, a person can see multiple perspectives. Digital is different than realistic paintings because of this interactive interface. A viewer would approach this virtual world with the idea that they have control over what happens and what they see. A person would feel more connected because of the ways that they can influence the settings.  Video games are different than photos/videos because they require interaction, a person needs to navigate elements to move the game forward; it’s a working action.  Games are designed to give players a sense of moving thought space. Video game addiction is a growing problem in the last decade because of how immersive the experience has become. The players experience something beyond the visual connection.  Virtual technology is a simulation; it aims to parallel what we think of as real.
The ‘push button’ sounds that our phones make are simulated sounds, a touch screen doesn’t actually need to make sound, but this simulated sound allows subjectivity to be experiences in/and thought the technology.  Games are simulations, they are not in 3D space, so it doesn’t conform to the laws of physical material. They are not real. It’s all a perspective simulation. It’s  a method and metaphor for the episteme which  captures the worldview of rationalism.   But still, the user game perspective inside the game-world is every bit as important to the players as real life things, maybe even more important, given that many of them neglect their basic real-life needs in favor their digital-life needs.
The game style is distinct in culture, and as a style that represents the modern computer age.      In comparison to how games looked 15 years ago, this Halo image is a modern marvel, so realistic and smooth. But in another 15 years, this image might seem old-fashioned in the same way we view vintage arcade games, which will then be antiques.


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