Intrinsic Worth of Successful Failures

I frequently wonder what I would do with my time if I never had to worry about money.  Not in a ‘win the lotto’ way, but in a ‘born into privilege’ way.  Attended better schools, lived in a better neighborhood, high-class vacations, more job prospects.
I harbor a level of frustration/hostility for my bosses adult kids. Both appear to have chosen to work at the family company.  The daughter has been working here almost 10 years; first in sales, then in HR.  And the son has been here maybe 3 years, and has wormed his way from sales into a ‘almost CEO’ position. I anticipate that he will eventually inherit the company, despite the fact that his sister has demonstrated more dedication to it.
I initially concluded that IF these two people were capable and smart, THEN they wouldn’t be working at their dad’s company. I figured they were both lazy idiots, and just took these jobs because it was the easiest income they could get.  I have a particular loathing for the son, because he’s in the best possible demographic in the country [white, male, born wealthy, tall, attractive] yet hasn’t done anything noteworthy with his life. He failed to use his affluence and opportunities to undertake anything significant. He didn’t start his own company/charity, or go into politics, or become an intellectual.  What’s the point in being part of high-society if you don’t utilize the perks available to you to diversify the family domain?

Last week, I watched season1 of a foreign dystopian future show, called 3%. In it, a whole population of people live in a slum, and only the best 3% [of 20-year-olds] every year are permitted entrance to the nearby superior highbrow society. The twist in the season finale was that the superior society chooses not to breed, because they believe that you have to earn high-status yourself [instead of being born into it]. Meaning that there are no elite families in their society, and that everyone starts with nothing and makes it on their own merits. No legacy titles, no birthrights.
– My bosses children don’t deserve the jobs they currently have. They were simply born into a privileged life, and were handed secure careers. They were born with the best opportunities, yet they both chose the laziest route, and in doing so, took an opportunity away from someone who would have worked to earn it.   To the untrained eye, they appear to be successful [because they both have white-collar jobs].  But in many ways, they’re failures, simply because they didn’t accomplish anything beyond their original starting position. No contributions, no advancements.


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