Farm and Factory

People today have forgotten where food comes from. We’ve grown accustomed to the grocery store selling us ready-ripe fruit and pre-washed vegetables. It’s as if grown-food underwent a mysterious packaging process, and emerged flawless and identical. Most modern people can’t recognize an ‘agricultural plant’ in the real world, in fact, most modern people know nothing about agriculture/farming.

– By chance, I happen to currently live in an old house that has a lot of fruit trees.  I’ve grown accustomed to the changing seasons, and the fruit that comes along with it.  Each type is only ripe for a few weeks of the year, and then goes dormant for the rest. In January I have citrus, in summer I have plums, in November I have persimmons.  Most fruit takes months to blossom and ripen.  Each one has a brief seasonal peak, a narrow window of edibility. What amazes me about this, is that the grocery store somehow manages to have a wide assortment of fruit year-around. How?
I know that most fruit is imported from various locations. But how is it we never run out? And it’s always ripe? And uniform? Something that gardening has shown me, is that food comes in various sizes, shapes, and quality. One year the fruit would be unusually small, and the next year unusually large.  Some grow ugly, some grow beautiful. I’m wondering what happens to the irregular fruit.  How the stores decided that they didn’t want to sell them, and if they get turned into juice or jam instead.

America used to be all about farming. Then it was all about factories. Now it seems to be all about technology. Meaning that people have stopped valuing agricultural sectors, and don’t care where their food comes from.  We’re not just eating frozen food, we’re eating things that aren’t even food.
Most boxed-foods are made from wheat and sugar. McDonald’s fries don’t mold. Oreos don’t contain any milk/cream/butter. Processed factory-food is standardized. Like how chicken nuggets are made in predetermined shapes.
Standardized things are easier to sell. Marketing and advertising convinces consumers to have a clear idea of what is desirable, a flawless vision of what food should look like. Most farm grown food can’t live up to these unrealistic expectations, but processed food looks the same all the timeThis idea, is why our cattle farming industry has changed so much in the past 50 years. We’re treating food production like a factory, and expecting it to behave the same way.  Our food loses nutritional value due to the harsh industrialized handling, which leads to the consumers becoming sick, while ignorant of the strict conditions that their ‘organic’ food was managed under.
Most grown food is genetically engineered; not to add nutrition, but to make the food more attractive.
Our modernizations are making us sick.
We don’t know what food is anymore.


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