Relationships with Work

I spend more time at my work than I do on anything else. More time, and effort, and brainpower, goes into my work than anything else I do. A reasonable person wouldn’t do unreasonable quantities of work unless it was worth the money. ‘Be fair to yourself’. An expendable employee shares no stake in the company. An employee could be easily replaced, and the company would continue. I am a employee, and I plan my life around work, I also think it’s absurd that ‘work’ takes us for granted.
-These are some general thoughts I have every year when I see my W-2s, after I do a quick rundown of my expenses. I think it’s important to recognize when you’re being taken advantage of, and when your relationship is unhealthy.

About 2 years ago, my office underwent a substantial security upgrade. All the employees were given new handbooks with tighter restrictions. We all anticipated that these new constraints would be recognized as an inconvenience and we would be compensated accordingly. But it didn’t happen. – We are now in the 3rd year, and the mass majority of us still have not received any sort of dependable raise. So, I think it’s fair to say that we are in a bad relationship with a company that doesn’t appreciate us.
I asked for a raise last year. They simply told me that if they felt I had value, then it would be lumped into my Christmas bonus. Meaning that the company gets to accrue interest on my bonus all year, while I slowly go bankrupt. [On paper it was only ~1% increase from last year]. Like a bad relationship, this company is egotistic, and treats its workers like we’re insignificant.

I know I shouldn’t complain, but I’ve got to be fair to myself. The cost of living is only going up, and I can’t possibly survive on an income that never does. Every year that I work, I have 1 more year of experience, but am somehow valued the same.
A ‘career’ is an antiquated concept, because the new generation barely has ‘employment’. Millennials all slipped into poverty because they were tricked into paying for educations that they didn’t need, to work at jobs that won’t lead to careers.  I have concerns that the company where I work is starving us out; denying us value/rank, just to see how much indifference we are willing to endure. Chipping away at our self-worth until we don’t think we deserve any better. Like an abusive lover, or a fascist government.


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