I’ve realized that there’s no future in conventionalism. We can’t expect to make any progress if we’re always restricted by the traditional ways of the past. Conventional people are always trying to be more ‘average’; more predictable, conservative, and conforming to social norms.  These people will never be extraordinary, because their objective is to be ordinary. They want to fit into a monotonous traditionalist culture. 1950s style.

I attended a party this past weekend, and met a half dozen new people. They seemed like perfectly functional people, but they were very uninteresting. No hobbies, no special interests, and they didn’t seem to have any conversational points. In the 5 hours that I spent with them, I learned practically nothing about them, except for how they know each other. I don’t know why they were all reluctant to hold a discussion;  they smile, nod, answer basic questions, but no conversations. It might be a regional trait, or symptomatic of an antisocial generation, but it seems we’ve dulled ourselves down in order to be more socially conventional [more docile].

As a population of docile people, we’re less likely to do anything against the status quo, so we’ve become easier to control. We don’t have outlandish hobbies, so we’re an eager audience for consumer goods, and we’re less challenging of regulations. We’re no longer trying to make social strides, or pave the way for a brighter future.  We’re accepting of the situation, and losing sight of the big picture.

Our current government leader puts more responsibility on the individual to provide for themselves in every capacity. This ‘every man for himself’ attitude heavily disadvantages poorer people, accentuating the disparity. This divided-class nation is dangerous. It makes us less compassionate about the plights others, and more focused on the self-interests of our personal demographic. The system has made us egocentric, and paranoid about our self-preservation.
The news this week has taught me how quickly things can fall apart. Everything has become drastically divided. This is the type of thing that destroys a generation and segments society; it’s a Civil War. The costs of living has been increasing, along with personal debts, and now America has an enormous poverty class that no one acknowledges as ‘deprived’ because we’re all trying to appear/behave conventionally.


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