parent volunteers

I’ve been working in K-8th grade schools this year, which means that I’m  interacting with more parents than before. Something I’ve been thinking about is how differently women and men function when given the same task. There’s something about our cultures’ social grooming that makes women better in non-supervised group roles.
Both the moms and dads show up to do the same job, but the moms are way more cooperative. The dads keep to themselves and don’t do anything beyond their task, but the moms take initiative to help others out with additional tasks. They’ll happily poke into other areas to ask if they can be of service. It might be the cultural expectation for female pleasantries, or the lack of father-child socializing that creates this behavioral rift.
– I know this isn’t scientific, but it’s what I’ve observed during my time on campus.

Women are wired to be more empathetic than men, so they are better at seeing and predicting other people’s behaviors. Which is probably why women are better at multi-tasking than men; they can foresee things coming a mile away, intuitively.
Female collectivism actually makes them stronger in groups than the individualistically-minded male archetype.
Women are more selfless, less egocentric, and prepared to put the greater good ahead of their own [anthropologically wired to better care for babies]. While most males do the opposite, integrating cultural ideas about proper dominant-masculine behavior with their roles as caregivers.


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