Struggle and Debt

I was browsing tiny home videos last night, and one of them was about a girl who built one as a school project. Her house was constructed with 90% recycled materials. Repurposed wood, thrifted windows, ect.  The house looked decent, and totaled about $17,000 USD. Something that she described was that even though she thrifted all the supplies, it still ended up costing substantial funding, and that’s ok, because  most people end up spending more than that on university, in the hopes of getting a lucrative job, with the aim of buying a house for 20x that price. People everywhere have to go bigger and bigger in a vicious cycle, spending more money  in order to make more, in order to buy more. It’s a high risk game. But if we all lived small, then we wouldn’t have to struggle for so long in order to get to a ‘comfortable life’.

The biggest obstacle to this ‘live small’ method  is that the government wants people to  live in the traditional manner [and be in debt] ; because poor people are easier to control.
I hate that we all have to live this way, and how the government functions like a mafia. Forcing individuals to live within a ridged set standard-rules. Claiming it’s an administration, when in fact it’s tyranny, where the people with power don’t have to obey the same laws that everyone else does.   [If I poison a whole towns water supply, I’m a criminal, but when the governor does it, it’s merely a ‘water crisis’ and he stays in office].
In other countries, it’s called corruption, but here it’s just politics. Bribery is how our politics work. Money can make anything happen.
For a lot of us, Tiny houses represent a way out. If I live in one, I’ll never have to get roped into a 30-year mortgage payment, and I’ll be able to save all the money I would have otherwise spent on a house. The word mortgage is derived from 2 French words: mort- death, and gage- pledge. Meaning the person will be paying off this debt until they die. And I think we would ALL really like to not be burdened by debt for the rest of our lives.


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