Driving Force

When I was a young-teen, I had the idea that I would grow up, get married, have a family, live in a house, and have a job. This idea was engrained, anticipated, and unavoidable. Everyone told me this was the way it had to be, so I was prepared to take all the necessary steps to make it happen. I compromised, gave in, and cooperated.
More than a decade later, and after a few failed attempts, it crossed my mind that I’ve sacrificed a lot for this vision of a conventional life.  I’ve been chasing a fantasy that’s not going to happen for me [or thousands of other Millennials], and I don’t want to be punished for not living up to these old-fashioned standards.

My brother got married last month. Ever since his girlfriend proposed to him last year, he has been slowly working himself into a more submissive/complacent attitude. I can’t decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing. He simply agreed with her when she decided how the 2 of them were going to live, where they were going to live, and how many children they were going to have.
She didn’t strike me as a ‘driving force’, but she seems to be doing a great job of steering their relationship along the conservative path.

Whereas, I’ve spent the last several months considering a possible future as an eccentric mountain hermit.  Now that I’m no longer committed to the idea of marriage and family, I’m free to exit the vehicle, and focus on solo endeavors.
Literally, the only thing that was keeping me conventionally-docile was the ‘inescapability’ of having to live the rest of my life in a predictable fashion.

One of my latest hobbies has been Tiny Houses. But in this state, I’d still have to buy a property to keep one [for the ‘permanent address’],  and because of the raising costs of healthcare, I’d still be forced to work 32-40 hours a week, even if I didn’t need the income.  So I’m practically back to square one; unable to break the cycle. It’s infuriating. The longer I think like this, the more agitated I get regarding  the state of things in this country, and how difficult they’ve made it to live in a different way from the conventional method.
America is hindering its own Progress. A whole generation of Americans have not made any social strides because of current socio-economic conditions, and they are straining to attain the basic luxuries of past generations. Millennials are a generation of constant stress, and anxiety based mental-disorders.
All of the Millennials have now joined the work force. But they will continue to live bachelors-lifestyles, because their college debts prevent them from saving enough money to conventionally settle down.


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