Marginalizing the Average American

Desk jobs are great for angry-antisocial people. – Are you well suited for desk work?
I work in an office with a 1950s attitude. All the upper-management executives are American white males. There are some immigrants working here, but there are no Latins or Blacks working at this company. The main floor of this building has no windows, which is basically every department except for the sales office. It looks remarkably like the television show The Office, if it were operated in a dystopian-style by communist enthusiasts. This office doesn’t value their employees, literally denying its workers rank and significance for years on end.

With the current political climate, I’ve recently concluded that the American Millennials are in a type of Depression. Not as life-and-death as the Great Depression of the 1930s, but every bit as detrimental to the growth and progress of a generation. Things didn’t really improve after the 2008 economy flop, things just evolved into a different shape. More primitive, less compassionate, more hostile, less forward-thinking. Millennials have had slow progress in trying to achieve the same milestones as previous generations. Housing costs have skyrocketed, along with personal debts, but average incomes have decreased. The middle-class jobs of yesterday have become the lower-class jobs of today. Even educated people are having difficulty finding jobs which will adequately provide for a family. It’s depressing.

American government stopped caring about the common man. They stopped caring about the environment, and retirees, and quality education, and affordable health care.  Our social infrastructure has taken a turn. Marginalizing the average American, favoring corporations and the hyper wealthy. The office where I work is just 1 building, but the executives who own and operate it are the same sort of people who run this country. They make decisions that increase their productivity at the expense of their workers.  Creating an ever widening rift of cynicism between the working-class and the aristocrats who rule over them.


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