Perks of the job

What specific ‘thing’ in the world do you find valuable, and would want to get deals on?
Answering this question would  direct you towards a company  that will give you the perks to keep you  happy at a job.
All work is relatively tedious activities, taking up similar amounts of time and energy, but the perks available at a specific business are the things that make a job worthwhile.
This exercise of prioritizing your own personal interests, before prestige or necessities, will ensure a particular kind of satisfaction that will make you happier in the long run.

What company can give you access to things you desire?
If you love fancy food, it would be nice to get into a company that provides fancy food. If you love intellectual conversations, perhaps a job at a museum or university would provide you with opportunities to have more of them. If you love fitness, then it would be great to work at a company that provides free classes. If you provide for a large household, perhaps working for Costco would be good [free membership and employee discounts].
Not only would you be working, but you’d also get more access to the things you love.

Modern tech companies offer lots of frivolous perks in an attempt to keep their high-value employees working there. Food, gym services, flex vacation, paid maternity/paternity, coaching services, customized workstations. ect.
Even those of us who don’t have high-demand skills are able to work for companies that offer access to desirable things. Example: Working for the cable company gets you free cable. Working for an airline gets you deals on airfare. Working for a hotel gets you deals on accommodations.
All jobs pay a wage, but the specific perks of the company make a world of difference.

Growing up, I remember a neighbor boy’s father who worked for a beer company, and every so often a 40foot semi-truck would make deliveries to their home on our suburban street. I’m not sure what his father did for the company, but the perks available to him at that specific company made him happy.
So instead of trying to find an occupation that makes you happy, try finding a company that provides the types of perks that make you happy.
If we all have to work, may as well enjoy it.


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