Budgeting and Scheduling

Being a proficient adult means being good at budgeting and scheduling. That’s basically it. No one is asking you to be a great scholar; just budget your time & money, and get your errands done.

The most frustrating human I ever had the displeasure of personally knowing, was a bachelor who couldn’t ever find the time to cook or clean. His home was always filthy, and his fridge was always empty. He was financially successful, yet still an incompetent adult, because he couldn’t get his errands done.
I think the American youth is doomed from the get-go because our culture places too much emphasis on advanced-skills, and not enough on life-skills. Our child obesity rates are one of the highest in the world, because we don’t know how to take care of ourselves, and by extension, we aren’t properly feeding or caring for our children. The youngsters didn’t learn how to cook and clean at home or at school; they didn’t learn maintenance, or basic upkeep.  These youths grew up, and became adults who do not  feel responsible for domestic errands; like cleaning, repairing, and caring for things.
With the way things are, it doesn’t matter if we all go to college, because as a generation, we can’t seem to make the time to find balance in our lives [financial, social, personal, health].

Millennials are a generation obsessed with technology and artificiality, we’re also a generation stricken with anxiety and mental disorders.  We are a group of adults with massive debts [college expenses], poor health, and limited life-skills; so life-priorities for us have changed.
Budgeting and scheduling is something we’re not great at. Many of us have no money saved, and are living on credit cards. Even if we become financially successful, it is unlikely that the millennial generation will have the same predictable high-quality of life that our parents enjoyed 40years ago.


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