Having an Off Day

Every so often I seem to blank out.  My rhythm gets off, and I just can’t seem to get through it without stumbling. I’ll literally forget everything that I was in process of doing, and just freeze up. On a micro scale, it’s not so bad. But I wouldn’t trust myself to plan for the future, because I’m too anxious to live in the present.

I wonder if people living during the Great Depression knew that it would eventually end, OR if every single person lived their lives thinking that things will never get better. Like many other millennials, I’ve started exhibiting stress disorder symptoms. Apparently, there are several different types of anxiety, and I’ve recently learned that most of them plague this generation.

Stemming from general hopelessness, I find myself believing that the country has moved backwards from the American dream. Making the everyday things that used to be normal into somewhat of a luxury. My parents could afford to buy their own house before the age of 30, get married, and have a family. But no one my age can afford a family; we can’t afford houses, we’re burdened with college debts, and we’re panicky about the future. Older folks have started heckling me about marriage and family, but the harsh reality is that the world has changed, and people my age will not have conventional lives.

I worry that while this generation is busy trying to survive, the older generation is busy destroying the planet, along with all hope that my generation will live to old age. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs would say that the Millennials will never reach the esteem and actualization levels, because we’re still struggling to satisfy our more basic deficiency needs: psychological, safety,  and love. We can’t think about the future when we’re anxious in the present. Our physical safety is at stake because of the current financial situations and  the social and economic crisis.


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