Closet Hoarder

I find myself to be a hoarder of fancy clothing.
Clothing that I rarely wear, that I possibly got for a special occasion but have never worn again. Clothing that I can’t bring myself to get rid of, because of how pristine it still is.
When the opportunity arises, I find myself accumulating more formal clothing, for the possibility that I will at some point in the future, go to a fancy party.
This clothing occupies a special section in my closet, which has slowly managed to take up more and more space over the years.
And it only recently occurred to me that I don’t go to fancy dress parties, that I collect things that I don’t use, and that I am a hoarder of formal clothing.
The easiest way to remedy this situation would be to start going to fancy dress parties. Or simply start wearing fancy clothing to normal events. Or perhaps, to stop purchasing causal clothing, so that I may be forced to wear the nicer clothing.
It doesn’t seem like a difficult thing to do, yet, every day I find myself wearing jeans and a shabby t-shirt.
I fantasize about situations where I might theoretically want to wear fine clothing, and then I remember that it would never happen. Not once ever have I been to a gala, met royalty, or been to a formal new year’s party.
I’m not sure why these garments were created, it doesn’t seem like anyone actually needs to own them.


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