Impending Socio-economic education divide

I have a theory, about an impending social divide based around education [or lack thereof]. Societies are frequently divided along social lines; race, class, affluence, circumstance, popularity, ect.  and I want to try and predict a future social divide resulting from a generation torn between the high costs of college, inadequacies of public high schools, and the minimum wage.  An education divide.

Presently, the ‘good jobs’ are safeguarded with extreme qualification requirements, usually an expensive education. So most of us are in debt having paid for the education [and not saving for our futures], so most of us are poor [for various reasons].
We have a whole generation of people that aren’t well rounded, educationally or otherwise, because millennials didn’t learn common sense lifestyle skills at home, or in high school, or in college. Because our own parents didn’t have the ‘time and money’ necessary to help their children become exceptional adults. And now we’re adults, and we’re in the workforce trying to make a living in a competitive job market.  We have odd social habits, and poor grammar.
Part of this theory involves considering that no one in this day-and-age has the surplus of ‘time and money’ necessary for children [we’re all working, because we’re all poor]. It’s multigenerational ignorance, caused by a slow economic decline, and misplaced faith in the value of a 4-yr degree to earn an generous income.

The generation will be torn to shreds as they try to reach conventional adult milestones, while burdened by their debts [homeownership, marriage, children, financial stability]. Maybe some drop out of college because of financial strain, maybe attending a cheaper 2-yr college instead; but either way, the job prospects and potential income shrinks.
So in the future, after the minimum wage increases, and the cost of education decreases,  millennials will work alongside younger people who didn’t have to go into debt to get their foot in the door. More iGens will attend college because of this low barrier of entry, just as GenX did, creating a socio-economic rift that’s education based.  But because of the years of debt sponging up all the millennials spare income, the whole millennial generation will continue to be judged for failure to meet expectations. And this is how the working generation of iGens will surpass the Millennials.


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