Weird Year [glitch in the matrix]

The weather has been weird, these past 12 months of weather have been uncharacteristic for the area. It’s been raining for the past several weeks, which is several weeks more rain than we’re used to. The last summer was unusually  hot, the winter was warm, and now this spring is unusually cold and rainy.  So basically, weird enough to take note. We joke that this is the swift and sudden onset of ‘global warming’ changing the weather patterns.
This also seems to be the year of illness.  I can’t recall if the flu season was this bad last year, but this year, there’s a special type of super-flu that sneaks up and gets you multiple times. A few people have died from it, and more people from other illnesses mistaken for it.
The latest topic in the news this season is Gun Regulation. But the politicians are shifting attention to literally anything else to avoid talking about it.
There’s a Tesla in space. Stephen Hawking died. Toys R Us closed. Healthcare costs increased. Opioid crisis.
The president fired more of his cabinet, and moves to start a reality show, admitting marital infidelity with 6+ women, including porn stars.
It’s been a weird year. Feels like there’s a glitch in the Matrix.


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