Why People Want

I’ve come to realize that lots of people act impulsively, but they don’t know where their desire stems from. Most prominently with love and money, people seem to rush into things because of an intense desire for something that they can’t fully explain.
So let’s try to analyze shortsighted ‘desire’, the ultimate goal of why a person would start something.
People seem to rush into relationships because they enjoy the stability of being in a well-defined relationship. People yearn for the traditional trajectory of a ‘stable relationship’ because it’s easier to predict  than unformulated casual-dating. Stable relationships lead to Marriages. But Marriage is frequently an impulsive decision, brought on by cultural pressure, or financial, or legal, or convenience.  Since human emotions are fickle, it’s unlikely that the couple  legitimately fell in love, and half of marriages end in divorce.  But still, society looks favorably on the idea of marriage, celebrating it as a valuable milestone in a person’s life, instead of a simple cultural norm.
People impulsively buy things they don’t really need, because of some sense of grandeur they find in it. Buying a flashy sports car or high-end home appliances, generates the impression of popularity,  acting like a symbol of status, creating the illusion of prestige; same thing with smaller purchases, like fashionable clothing, new technology, trendy home décor. Buy a product and maybe it’ll change your life.
Their motivation isn’t having the money itself, it’s their purchases.
People use their purchases to motivate themselves, believing that since they bought it they’re more likely to use it and reap the benefits of it. Gym memberships, healthy lifestyle options, sporting gear, self-help books.  As if the purchase is the first step toward a grander life, and now that they’ve bought it, they’re on their way to reaching their goals.
It’s all superficial and culturally based. Items that are highly valuable in certain social circles, becomes worthless in other circles. Consumerism means popular items change every season, so impulsively buying consumer goods actually means that you’re locked into cycle of upkeep. Shortsighted impulse buys become worthless quicker, because you never really needed the item in the first place, you just liked the idea of what it could potentially do for your life if you actually used it.


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