Spoiled by Smartphones

I think being a little ‘uncomfortable’ is good for people.  A little discipline  keeps you from being a spoiled person. As if the act of giving something up makes a person more mindful; more realistic about whether or not they needed it, and more appreciative of it when they have it.
Most religions ask people to use some type of personal restraint. Most fitness/diet regimes also ask for self-control. Most social societies pressure people to dress a certain way, and behave a certain way.

But in the modern era, people get used to doing whatever they like, because there isn’t as much pressure from social etiquette to keep them from becoming spoiled.
No one’s forced to wear a clean collared shirt every day. It’s not mandatory to keep a tidy home, no one is obligated to be polite/courteous, and no one’s accountable. The modern era doesn’t require people to be decent, so people basically do whatever they like.

I know people who neglect everyone and everything, in order to spend 90% of their life on their phones. It seems like the real-life responsibilities that people should be mindful of, are now in the backseat to their own self-centered natures. They don’t want functioning relationships with other humans, they want entertainment smartphones.
An example,   I was in a restaurant, and at the table behind me was a couple with their infant child. Both adults were on their phones, not talking to each other, nor caring for the infant. They ate in silence. Their baby ate a napkin. Neither parent noticed.


Greenhouse Year2

Adventures with greenhouse. Year 2
Last year, I got a greenhouse and started trying to use it. The weather has been strange and the temperature has been bouncing around.  Hot then cold, stormy then pleasant, rain then shine, all in the same week. Some of last year’s plants appear to have died/hibernated/gone dormant, but half of them seem to have re-emerged with the mostly warm spring weather.

I know some veggies need to be replanted every year, so I saved seeds from last year, and attempted to start the cycle early, but it seems most plants have a mind of their own, and refused to sprout until mid-March. After the frost passed, I opened up the greenhouse and started transplanting sprouts into the yard.
My one and only pumpkin from last year paved the way for this year’s attempt at growing a pumpkin patch. I also attempted to grow watermelons from last year’s seeds.  I might have gone overboard with this, and planted considerably more than I had space for.
Other new sprouts I started this year, are from the collected seeds of grocery store bell peppers.  After eating the pepper, I planted the seeds. Most of them sprouted, but given their small size, I’m not sure if they’ll produce this year.
The onions are doing well, and the garlic. I find that these are immortal, and will continue to re-grow if you replant the portion that had the root.

So far, the tomatoes have been the most bountiful. Not only did 1 plant survive through the winter and continuously produce, but all the totally dead tomato plants from last year have re-emerged as tiny sprouts.
The lemon bush is doing well.  But the store bought jalapeno plant from last year doesn’t look so great, having lost most of its leaves, and not really grown any new ones, yet it seems to be producing from it’s one remaining branch.
Same story with the purchased bell pepper plant and the small avocado tree from last year, which also seems to have gotten sick; slowly losing its twiggy branches over the winter, and is now a twig pole and a dozen shriveling leaves. Maybe the warm weather will bring him back.
New additions include a raspberry bush, strawberry, vine beans, zucchini, and cucumber. They all seem to be doing well.

Now in May, the weather is still unreliable. Some days gloomy and cool, some other days sunny and hot.  A dozen pumpkin and/or watermelon sprouts have survived, and some are starting to flower.
The 5yr old Avocado tree is now taller than I am, but still hasn’t produced a single flower.  The grapefruit tree is healthy and bountiful, but the orange tree is not. I’m also considering getting a grape vine, if only I could find a place to put it.
So far, this year’s garden seems successful.

Convey Confidence, Marketing Matters

You often hear that artists are their own worst critics. For this reason, marketing matters; the way the masses absorb the media allows for greater influence.
Have you ever seen a good trailer for a movie that was dreadful?   Same idea.
The way I see myself and my art, is not the way others see me.  Presenting a favorable concept to the world, even a false one, serves to influence the masses into behaving as if it’s true.
If the only artwork you see from an artist is the very best ones made, then you believe that all the past and future works are just as good, when the artist knows that you’ve only see a small number of the highest-quality pieces they are capable of making, and could not possibly understand the mountain of failed attempts it took to produce just 1 good one.

Fake It Till You Make It. Media defines reality.
I am not terribly confident in real life. But when I write, I write with confidence, and so, my readers believe that I am confident.   Their experience reshapes their reality.

People derive complex pleasures and emotional experiences from media consumption. So Marketing must be done with strategic care in a intentionally-indirect way, making no assumptions about what the viewer actually experiences when they see it. Display an idea that appeals to a viewer on a subconscious level without demanding their affections.
Media is not just entertainment, viewers also get:  information [about the world, events, society, & education]; as well as very real applications of their own personal identity, with values and behaviors; and social integration and interactions with digital mingling, like viewing and being near real-time social exchanges; it’s also amusing, and thus an emotional reprieve.

Try to convince people of something using The McGuire Model of the persuasion process: presentation, attention, comprehension, yielding, retention, overt behavior. Show something in a way that gets the viewers’ attention, and in a way that they’ll understand and accept, so that they’ll  remember it, consequently changing their behavior in their future interactions whenever they come across it again.


I recently had a failure to see eye-to-eye with a friend and co-worker, on the topic of novelty tv collectables.
My friend desired for things to be constructed  accurately under the same conditions that it originally  intended for, and I desired for it to look attractive under the present-day conditions.
With similar interest and appreciation for the task at hand, we somehow found ourselves with different inspirations of what a successful completion would be for a newly made item.
I thought that accuracy under the conditions that it originally created was impractical, and would serve no other purpose than to BE an exact re-production of the original,  because it wouldn’t ever be functional in the present setting. And my friend suggested that the most desirable feature of the creation was that it is a  flawless re-production of the original.

This is a concept that I’ve been struggling to understand for the past several days. How is an impractical thing more valuable than a similar but more practical thing?
I do not understand for what purpose people are making/buying cinema accurate collectables.  This fan made item wasn’t actually used by the actors in the movie, yet for some reason, it’s made to their measurements.   So these things aren’t really useable to the average person, or even to the person who made them.
So  other than having a quality artwork piece on the wall, why are so many people buying them? It’s not a new and creative idea, and it’s not for the items value itself; because the more of these that are made, the less rare they are, the lower their resell value.
I am positively baffled by the concept of high-end cinema memorabilia that is deliberately constructed as nonfunctional; seeing as how they’re newly constructed, wouldn’t it be better if they were made more functional?