Tech Fatigue

In the age of technology, I find myself with less and less enthusiasm for it. Especially when I think about how it’s restructured the way that humans socially interact.
Perhaps it all happened too quickly.
Over the past 3 decades tech has gone from the 8inch floppy, to 5inch, to 3.5inch, to USB, to SD, to Micro SD, to cloud. A home computer tower used to be the size of a car tire, now they’re the size of a soda can. My grandparents had records, then laser disks, then cassette tapes, then CDs, then minidisks, then MP3s, iPods, now literally everything is streamed onto our phones and tablets.
The era of intangibility.
People would rather be on their phones maintaining their digital life, than having a tangible experience. A ‘like’ instead of a visit, a Instagram-opportunity instead of date, a ‘check in’ instead of eye-contact.
With technology continually making advances every year, I find myself fantasizing about a simpler time. So I think back as far as I can remember, and then I realize that I’m visualizing the 90s.
The 90s was not a great decade, but it was before the technology era ramped up. Phones were still tethered to the house, photographs still  had to be developed, paperwork was still on paper. I remember passing notes in class, owning a journal/scrapbook, and owning hundreds of colored pens.
It’s pretty amazing how quickly smartphones infiltrated our lives; socially and professionally. It’s only been 11 years, but I don’t think we could go back to the way things were.


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